Clean Leaf Smokes

When we opened this business, we wanted to focus on helping people who have suffered at the hands of major tobacco companies and their chemically-ridden products. In our lives, we have come to the realization that there is always a better way, and one of the ways we do this here is by offering what we do. A natural tobacco, and the choice of helpful herbs combined with the desire to have people become healthier, is the route we chose. 


That is what we offer, the highest quality, no chemicals, no GMOs, organic products. High-performance machinery located on-site allows you to go from the check stand, to the processing table, and in under 10 minutes, have a custom made, personally blended carton of cigarettes to begin your recovery from the chemical laden cigarettes of previous days.

Our Product

Farmers located around the world offer a fresh leaf, free from any processing, that we order from our purveyors. From farmer's field, to curing shed, to our shelves, you can rest assured that there are no additives of any kind in what you're purchasing. The tobacco selection we offer can be found on this page.

Our herbs are individually researched to ensure that they will assist you in the healing process. Some are purchased from family owned stores here in the Seattle International District, and the others from on-line sources of locally owned herb farms. These herb farms harvest their products either from certified organic fields, or they're wildcrafted from their native forests. All of our products are specially stored in a walk-in humidor to ensure product life and freshness.

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